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Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy - Mens Black T Shirt

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Thin Lizzy: One of the true great Rock Bands of the 1970’s. Timeless song-writing, tight and accomplished musicians, anthemic hits, and all underpinned by the fantastic, driving bass lines of legendary front man; Phil Lynott.

This T-Shirt features an illustration of the man himself; resplendent in black leather trousers, with his trademark black Fender Precision (with mirrored scratch-plate, naturally). The shirt is available in one colour only: Black (or course).

As with all Junk Male T-Shirts and products, these are only available in strictly limited quantities: A total print run of just 20 T-Shirts have been hand-printed, meaning that there are only a few available in each size… and we don’t re-print! This means the T-Shirts stay rare, exclusive, and ultra-collectable. You won’t bump into anyone else wearing one of these...