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Anglo Saxon Poster Print

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Here's our map showing the London area in Anglo Saxon times (roughly speaking, 500-1066 AD). It's pieced together from many resources, showing our guess at the roads, rivers, forests and marshland that characterised the region. 
Actual print Size is 36cm x 29xm
The main purpose is to highlight the many villages, hamlets and farmsteads whose names are still part of modern London. For example, the map shows 'Wemba Lea', the land belonging to a local chieftain by the name of Wemba. We know nothing about Mr Wemba, yet his name is familiar to millions, perhaps billions, through its continuation into our own times as Wembley. Similarly, Croydon is a corruption of Crog Dene, which meant something like 'valley of the crocuses'.

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