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The Child Inside - Mens White T Shirt

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The perfect Junk Male fashion accessory; this T-Shirt features a delinquent baby, joined to the heart by an umbilical cord of distressed typography, stating man’s simple genetic make-up and nutritional requirements: “Cocaine, Alcohol, Strippers, Curry, Violence, Pornography, Emotional Detachment, Narcissism, Action Movies, Dysfunctional, Liar, Money, and Sport”. 

Simples. A striking design with a no-nonsense attitude, not to mention statement of intent.

Rather neatly, the position of the baby is low, so that when you wear the T-Shirt, it will be sitting near your ‘womb’ (especially effective if you happen to have a beer belly).

This powerful design is printed onto beautiful, ultra-soft vintage cotton.

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