How do I get a Mystery Tee?

Have you seen the widget at the top of your screen that shows you how much you are about to spend?

If that goes over £40, you are entitled to a free Mystery Tee! The widget will tell you so and everyone is happy!

We will match your tee to the main size and gender of clothing already in your basket, so if you have a Large, Mens T Shirt in your basket we will match your Mystery tee to that.

If you don't have an item of clothing in your bag, your tee will be a total mystery, but we bet that you know someone who will be the right size and shape.

Note. Please be aware that if you apply a discount code that brings you back below the £40 threshold when you pay, you will no longer be eligable for the free T Shirt. Sorry, but them's the rules.

As always, if you have any concerns at all about the site or your shopping experience, please get hold of us here: More T Vicar Customer Service

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