Captain Erogenous - Mens Red T Shirt

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We have no idea why we felt compelled to design this T-Shirt… let’s just call it ‘superhuman inspiration’. It kind of reminds us of a Superhero costume, or something that Flash Gordon might’ve worn to pubs and bars. To be honest, I think we’re just drinking a lot earlier than is socially acceptable these days, but still...

Whatever it reminds you of, you’ve got to admit that the Lightning Design is certainly ‘striking’. People have asked us why we’ve called the shirt ‘Captain Erogenous’, and we simply tell them that the white lightening bolts (printed in thick Plastisol ink) subliminally point to the wearers’ crotch; accentuating their bulging manhood ‘packet’. 

Mind you, if you don’t get any action, we’d be reticent to return your money… we offer no guarantees on sexual success.

This beautiful, lush red T-Shirt, is part of our ‘Earth Positive’ range, and really is the most soft and luxurious cotton you’ll find out there; supremely soft and comfortable – and ethical too.