Evel Knievel - Mens Sport Grey T Shirt

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A true American Icon, and inspiration to millions of adoring children around the World... Rider of the ultra-cool Harley Davidson XR-750 flat-tracker, and also referred to as ‘The Last Of The Gladiators’.

This T-Shirt commemorates Evel Knievel’s famous (but sadly failed) jump over 13 London Buses, at Wembley Stadium on 26th May 1975. it also illustrates one of Evel’s famous motivational quotes: “A man can fall many times in life, but he’s never a failure until he refuses to get up”. The typeface is finished in a 1970's retro font, similar to the one used on the EK initials of his famous leather jump-suit.

Please note, during the printing process, we have deliberately over-loaded the inks, as they are intended to fade naturally during the first two washes, to provide that authentic retro-finish. The shirt illustrated has been washed and faded already.