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Have you seen this lovely witch?

mens t shirt

ladies t shirt

In 1971, residents of Ramshorn by the Wye noticed that cats had been dissapearing from their homes and that the owners of said felines were 'up to strange activities'.

The butcher of Ramshorn, a Mr Alan Forlorn was seen chewing the bark from a Yew tree whilst crouching in a tin tub. Mrs Yolkwarm, a dinner lady formerly of Trinbough, made new cats from black sheeps wool and tied them to sticks which she dragged around on a wooden frame.

Jack Moorlan, head boy of the local school, was found searching for a girl in the nearby woodland, known locally as 'Watchers Grove'. He had an old photograph of a young women decked in flowers clutched in his hand. When asked by another school boy what he was up to, he pointed to the photograph and said, 'Have you seen this lovely Witch?'

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40% Off The Vicar's Collection

the vicars collection

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Monty Python Design Challenge

inspired by monty python design challenge


Your Mission...

Your mission is to design a T Shirt inspired by Monty Python - could be a memorable quote, could be an illustration of the Black Knight or Tim the Sorcerer for example.

What do I get out of it?

For each design we use, you will recieve More T Vicar credit for the sum of £30.00, Exclusive to you! We will also feature our favourites on the Blog. Play your cards right and you may never have to buy a T Shirt again!

Check below to see the Design Guide and Rules of play...

More T Vicar Design Challenge Nov 2014

Design Guide

  1. Keep it simple, don't spend too much time on it. Most More T Vicar designs are simple, striking affairs.

  2. Stick to one or maybe two colours so that the design works across different coloured T Shirts.

  3. Pop your design mockup over to us as a JPEG 560 pixels wide by 714 pixels high. Send it to 'hello [@]'.

You know what? - These are the right size, just save them to your desktop and use them as a guide. One dark and one light. Perfect.

560x714-light 560x714-dark


  1. If we accept your design, we will need your high resolution artwork as a Photoshop .PSD - Flatten everything to one layer and convert any text to a shape.
    Your artwork should be 300 DPI and no larger than 12 inches wide and 15 inches high. We accept RGB and CMYK colour settings. Here is a link to Download Our Template File

There are loads of tutorials online if you aren't a Photoshop whizz so don't be daunted if you've got a great idea to squeeze out of your brain.

  1. You can enter as many designs as you like :)

  2. As soon as we have the high resolution artwork, we will send you your £30 More T Vicar credit.

  3. We cannot accept anything that infringes upon copywrite materials including official logos and products and we reserve the right to reject anything that our audience may find upsetting. Or - let's face it, anything that's a bit rubbish. Just saying ;)
    Please don't be offended, we break designers all the time.

  4. We reserve the right to use the winning designs in the shop, although you are free to use your design elsewhere - we will not claim exclusivity.
    It's your design after all.

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